Delivery Disclaimer

Delivery Disclaimer

DISCLAIMER, ALL SALES FINAL. NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES. It is the customer’s responsibility to read all disclaimers and/or recommended installation instructions on all products purchased. Prior to unloading, the driver will request payment (if COD), a signature of the legal property owner or agent for the delivery is required. If you pay online and are NOT present for delivery your payment will be considered as your acknowledgement of this disclaimer. If you can NOT be on site to accept delivery, please place an inanimate object (tarp, crossed shovels, sidewalk chalk, cones, buckets, etc in desired location.) The weight of a delivery truck is 10,000+lbs when empty. Depending on what you are ordering, a fully loaded truck could weigh up to 26,000 lbs. We are NOT responsible for any driveway damage due to delivering material as instructed by you. We are not responsible for damage caused by weight of delivery vehicle. Children and pets must be kept inside your home during time of delivery. Our drivers are required to NOT fold in vehicle mirrors at any time. If the truck will not fit past a building, gate, tree, lite pole, etc. without folding in a mirror, then the truck will not fit and other arrangements must be made. Final decision on delivery will be left up to the driver we/the driver reserves the right to decline any delivery deemed unsafe for any reason. We do not offer installation services, the driver is there to dump the load and leave the property. Images from our website/media platforms are intended as a guide ONLY and should NOT be regarded as absolutely correct and or identical. It is recommended that you come to our yard to see a sample of the product you intend to purchase prior to delivery.


    0-5 Miles = $50.00 

    5.1-10 Miles = $55.00

    10.1-15 Miles = $60.00

    15.1- 20 Miles = $70.00

    20.1- 25 Miles = $80.00

    No "Off Driveway" Deliveries. Up to 12 yards per delivery, additional charges will be added for multiple deliveries